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Space Production s.r.o. Hyundai Tec has a long established Track record in the mobile phone and consumer electronic‘s Market and Ultra sound Medical devices!

Brief company history:

Distributor for Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, mainly in the Telecom since 1990.
Motorola distributor in CIS and Middle East.
More than 9,5 Mio. handsets sold.
HYUNDAI Telecom 2009.

November 2009: official start of HYUNDAI Technologies. Partner.
December 2012: official start of Unique Collection Handel GmbH HYUNDAI TEC partner.
December 2012: Hyundai exclusive license holder in Europe, USA, CIS, India, Africa, Middle East,
China. World agency from December 2014.
October 2017 partnership with the INO a Giant telecom company in Taiwan and Singapore.
INO brand worldwide for Senior mobiles and smart phone.
Xerxes Mobile is the trade mark for smart phones and Tablets worldwide.
Ultra sound Proby / Disposable Masks/ Protection anti virus cloths, Gloves, Tester Kit, thermo Meter
iTrason ultra Sound Proby for Medical purposes! Liner and Convex.

Tablets, Phablets, Ultra Sound devices, Disposable Masks, Cloths, Gloves, Thermometer and Kit
Acts as a technology and competence centre for its customers and partners

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Space Production s.r.o. 
Xerxes Mobile Telecom / Hyundai Tablet & Phablet
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Mobile Internet usage is surpassing the PC. By the end of 2022, mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth. It’s time to get in touch with us for improve your Company strategy.

The future is the Tablet and Phablet! Our main outwork is to develop, design and manufacturing of the tablets worldwide. Through or solid background in this section since 1989, we are trying to get the best components and unique design to put in the market.