The POWERFUL microscope for any smartphone

This easy to use, compact, and portable kit transforms any smartphone and tablet into a POWERFUL microscope. Whether you use it for research, education, or just for fun, from the observation of microorganisms or cells to mineralogy and materials science, with DIPLE anyone can access the microworld in detail!

DIPLE is capable of giving you 1000x magnification using your smartphone or tablet as a monitor. Set up takes seconds – all you need to do is place your camera on the optical system. You can even take pictures and videos in HD!

To make sure that DIPLE is truly portable for exploration on the go, we have designed it to easily withstand being dropped – even from the third floor of a building (yes, we did the test!) Available in single or coupled lenses depending on the level of magnification required, such an advanced system has never been used for microscopy on smartphones. DIPLE provides an unprecedented quality of image for a budget microscope. 

Check out DIPLE – the POWERFUL microscope for any smartphone by SMO SmartMicroOptics on @Kickstarter

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