Xerxes UIS

Pad ultrasound imaging system
PA10 digital ultrasound imaging system is a completely independent
intellectual property rights of ultrasonic diagnosis system of iTrason
company, its design concept is completely different from the traditional
ultrasonic imaging equipment, the minimalist operation and excellent image
quality are the basic characteristics, it can be applied to small organ,
skeletal muscle, blood vessels, abdomen, gynecology and obstetrics,
pediatrics, urinary, heart, such as application scenarios, for clinical
application of ultrasonic in practical solutions and bran-new way.


Basic feature
Model: PA10
Color: White
Fuction: Type B imaging
Operation System: Windows8.1
Screen size: 13 inch
Wireless communication : WIFI/BT
Running mode: Continuous
Adapter input/output: 100-240VAC/12VDC
Rated power/Real power: 30W/10-20W
Size: 285mm× 185mm× 30mm( about the same size as PAD.)
weight: 1-1.5kg
Designed life: 5years
Authentication: CE/CFDA
Interface: 12VDC(Power)、 USB2.0/3.0
Human-computer interaction: full touch interface, high resolution display,
large image area, mobile platform car (optional)
Horizontal screen and portrait mode switch.
One-click full screen magnification.
Freezing and running (manual/automatic)
Conventional measurement
Partly amplification
Catheter placement assisted.
Multiple parameter modes (different measuring object)
Patient information management
Personalization parameter preset.
Image management
Technical Index
Imaging Mode: B (standard), PW (alternative)
Accessible Detector: line array (standard),high frequency linear
array ,convex array ,Micro-array ,phased array ,cavity etc.
Detector Array: 80/96/128
Measurement mode: length, area, volume, perimeter etc.
Detection Depth : line array ≧ 7cm ,convex array ≧ 18cm , both above
international level
Measurement Precision: conform to the international GB10152 standard
Dynamic Range: over 120dB
Gray Level: 256
Run time: external power supply: no limit ; battery supply (continuous
operation): 2-4 hours
Video Playback :over 100 frame
Core technology : two invention patents ,multichannel whole domain synthetic
aperture , synchronal transceiver ,dynamic focus , ultra-uniformity of nearfar field and high resolution ;dynamic speckle noise suppression ,tissue
specific imaging technology,full digital ultra-fine focusing
technology ,dynamic filter/track changing/aperture technology ,high frequency
harmonics imaging technology ,heterogeneous multi-core computing
platform ,GPU/CPU computing’s dynamic distribution technology etc.
Product Highlight
Simple operation : only 5 buttons ,get to use easily
Fine Image: equal to mid-range desktop color ultrasonic’s black-white
imaging performance
Professional application : a single detector assembled specifically with
every machine.
Imaging Parameters : default preset to the best ,no need to adjust
Large Image Area : high percentage of effective image area in the screen for
clearer image
Smooth Image : signal/image processing mechanism based on whole system dynamic
distribution ,imaging frame rate up to 30 frames/s ,better than same level
models(usually 10 or more frames/s) in scanning real-time and fluency
Simple to use : customizable workflows
Application Range
①In hospital Clinical Department :bedside , puncture interventional guide ,
emergency examination ,daily examination
Pain/Anesthesia Department : vascular puncture ,nerve block and
catheter ,injection assisted ,interventional therapy etc.
Emergency and Intensive unit : quick examination of acute trauma , pleural
and laparoscopic effusion , pericardial effusion ,acute pneumothorax ,edema ,
atelectasis ,pulmonary consolidation ,quick puncture and catheter etc.
PICC: peripheral catheter etc.
Oncological Department :central venous catheter ,pleural effusion puncture
drainage etc.
Mammary and Thyroid Gland Department :outpatient diagnosed ,puncture
biopsy ,visual rounds ,postoperative focus related real-time obsession etc.
Urology Department : hemodialysis internal fistula obsession ,cyst of
kidney puncture drainage etc.
Pneumology Department : pleural effusion puncture drainage etc.
Rehabilitation Department : intramuscular injection , joint effusion suction
drainage ,pelvis rehabilitation ,assessment of urinary dysfunction etc.
Paediatrics : obsession and puncture drainage of pleural and laparoscopic
effusion, CVC catheter drainage ,real-time detection and assessment of
curative effect increase in liver and spleen etc.
②Community Medical : screening , diagnosed ,physical examination , efficacy
assessment , home nursing.
Stroke risk ,plaque of carotid artery ,mammary and thyroid disease’s
screening and efficacy assessment. Follow-up of tumor
radiotherapy/chemotherapy patients ,varicose vein examination etc.
③Outside Medical
Emergency rescue ,tele-clinic ,field medcial , examination and rehabilitation
of sports injury ,disaster relief ,health care.
④Animal Medical
Pet hospital : diagnosis of horse ,cattle ,sheep ,pig ,cat, dog etc.
Livestock : animal reproductive testing
Differences with traditional equipment
Used scenes : Traditional equipment is used in professional ultrasonic
diagnosis department ,but this equipment is used in other departments. This
equipment is normally used in the clinical scene where ultrasonic is needed
for assist. Removable ,simple-used ,fine imaging equipment is demanding in
these scenes.
Users : Only those doctors who accepted professional training are able to
use traditional equipment; This equipment, with only 5 buttons, is simple to
use. Doctors and nurses from every departments can use it with simple training.
Differences with competitors
Patented imaging technology provides better image , also procured and used
by competitors.
Ultra low power consumption. Longer endurance and less heat in same condition.
Most potable for minimum size and lightest weight.
Efficient handling measures provides more real-time and fluency in imaging.
Current Customer Distribution
North America ,Asia ,Europe.


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