You Can Control This Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone

You Can Control This Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone


There are some staples of childhood that you never forget: the games, the crushes, the Sandlot. But if there’s one thing that doesn’t stand the test of time, it’s paper airplanes. What was once a fun way to pass the time is now a serious snoozefest that really doesn’t involve much skill. Fortunately, there’s a new way to invigorate the paper airplane and make them exciting again: the PowerUp Dart Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Kit.

This kit lets you supercharge your paper airplane and control it with your smartphone. It comes with all the parts you need and lets you craft a slick paper airplane that can take off, land, and pull some sweet midair stunts. It can even reach speeds of up to 25 mph and be controlled with gesture controls. Try finding a kindergartener’s airplane that can do that!

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